UHF Scanner RE40 SMA – keyboard emulation BLE profile


  • RFID UHF reader and writer
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth 5.1, USB
  • Bluetooth profiles: keyboard emulation and serial emulation
  • Automatic reading of EPC and/or TID
  • Data format: HEX, ASCII or SGTIN-96 string with optional prefix and suffix
MAN/MACHINE INTERFACE 1 button for the RFID scan activation and for switch the device on/off
1 RGB multicolor LED (right one), 1 multitone beeper, 1 haptic actuator (vibration), to report the outcome of the RFID scan
1 RGB multicolor LED (left one) to report the operating status of the reader
INTERFACES Bluetooth 5.1 radio, USB Type C connector, 3.5mm jack connector
Air Interface Protocol: EPC Global UHF Class1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-63
Operating Frequency: 865- 928 MHz band for worldwide support
Regulatory and Compliance: EMI/RFI EN 55032:2012 / AC:2013 (Class B) EN 5032:2015 / AC:2016 (ClassB) EN 55024:2010 EN 5024:2010 / A1:2015 EN 55035:2017 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B, Class B
RF Power: max 500mW / 27dBm worldwide, max 250mW / 24dBm Japan
External antenna via SMA connector
MAIN PROCESSOR Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833
OS COMPATIBILITY Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux
POWER SUPPLY Integrated Li-Poly Battery 3.7V 1.2Ah, external 5Vdc from USB Type C connector
DIMENSIONS Height 116mm, Width 72mm, Depth 13mm
PROTECTION DEGREE IP54 (IP65 with accessories)

UHF Scanner RE40 SMA is a powerful RFID reader, capable of reading UHF tags and transmitting the acquired data to any device equipped with a Bluetooth interface, including Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

Taking advantage of the SMA connector located in the upper part of the device, using FF antennas (such as the whip antennas), the maximum reading distance is around 4 meters depending on the FF type UHF tags used. Otherwise, for special applications, using NF antennas (such as the loop antennas from 4 to 20 mm in diameter), the reading of miniaturized NF type UHF tags becomes practicable and very ergonomic.

The use of the reader is easy and intuitive, thanks to the presence of a single button to activate the reading of UHF tags, combined with a multicolored RGB LED, a multitone beeper and a haptic actuator (vibration) that informs the operator about the result of the reading.

UHF Scanner RE40 SMA integrates Bluetooth 5.1 radio transmission technology. There are two profiles available: keyboard emulation and serial emulation. In keyboard emulation, the reader is able to transmit the data read by the UHF tags to any pre-existing application, in any keyboard data input field. In serial emulation, through specially developed applications, the reader is able to perform any reading or writing operation on UHF tags (TT-RFID protocol or API for Android or iOS are available to developers).

UHF Scanner RE40 SMA, during its normal use, works on battery power. Charging takes place via a USB Type C connector, making the reader compatible with all latest generation battery chargers.

Thanks to its exclusive 3.5mm jack input, the same as that of smartphones, it is possible to connect the reader to a common selfie stick, so as to make reading UHF tags ergonomic even in difficult or uncomfortable positions to reach with the reader held in hand.

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