• RFID reader and writer
  • USB interface – Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR
  • HID (keyboard emulation) and SPP (bidiretional serial) profiles
  • Automatic reading of UID, UID + MEMORY (up 512 bit) or other combinations including NDEF URI Record and NDEF Text Record
  • Manage all ISO 15693 commands (mandatory, optional, custom), ISO 14443A/B, NFC Type-2 Tag, NFC Type-4 Tag, NFC Type-5 Tag, ST25TB Tag
  • Read/Write up to 2 Mbit tag memory
  • Output ASCII / HEX with prefix and suffix
  • Battery life up to 15000 readings
MAN/MACHINE INTERFACES 1 function key for RFID read activation, Multitone Beeper, 2 LED for device operation signaling
INTERNAL DEVICES Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Channel occupancy in accordance with:

  • ETSI EN 302 330-2 V1.5.1, ETSI EN 300 328 V1.8.1
  • FCC part 15
Power: 200 mW
Standard: ISO 15693, ISO 14443A/B, NFC Type-2 Tag, NFC Type-4 Tag, NFC Type-5 Tag, ST25TB Tag
Reading distance: up to 6 cm
Embedded antenna
Bluetooth® Class 2 V2.1 + EDR
OS COMPATIBILITY Bluetooth® SPP Profile: Android, RIM, Windows Mobile/Phone, Windows, macOS, Linux
Bluetooth® HID Profile: iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile, Windows, macOS, Linux
PROCESSOR Texas Instruments MSP430 (16 bit RISC a 16MHz)
POWER SUPPLY USB powered: 230mA peak @ 5Vdc (RF active full power), 30mA @ 5Vdc (idle mode)
Battery powered: Li-Poly Battery 3.7 Vdc 300mAh, rechargeable via micro USB, battery life 15000 reading, 24 h in idle mode
DIMENSIONS Height 6.8 cm – Width 4.2 cm – Depth 1.8 cm

BlueBerry HS HF is a mobile mini RFID reader, keychain shape, capable of reading HF tags and transmitting the acquired data to any device equipped with a Bluetooth® radio interface.

The maximum reading distance is 6 cm.

The use of the RFID reader is easy and intuitive thanks to the presence of a single button, to activate the reading of the HF tags (1), and an LED and a multi-tone beeper, to alert the operator of the reading.

BlueBerry HS HF integrates Bluetooth® radio technology, in particular it uses HID and SPP profiles.

With the HID profile the data transmission takes place in keyboard emulation mode, mono-directional channel (2). This profile supports all major mobile devices, including those equipped with iOS and Android operating system, as well as the main desktop or portable devices, including those with Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems. Thanks to this profile, any application or program that accepts identification data entered from the keyboard can receive the same data transmitted by the BlueBerry HS HF (3).

With the SPP profile, data transmission takes place in virtual serial mode, a two-way channel. A simple serial communication protocol, present on all TERTIUM Technology products, allows to manage all the RFID reader functions, in particular the ID scan and the reading / writing of the HF tag memory. With this profile it is possible, during development, to integrate RFID technology in any application or program for mobile or desktop or portable devices (4).

BlueBerry HS HF is battery powered. Charging carries out via a micro USB connector.

Through the same USB port it is possible to connect the BlueBerry HS HF to a PC, so that it can also be used as a normal RFID desktop reader. Data transmission on the USB interface takes place in virtual serial mode, a bidirectional channel (managed through the same serial communication protocol as the Bluetooth® SPP interface).


BlueBerry HS HF RFID readers can be customized by changing their characteristics, such as: case/ring color combinations, shape of ring, keyboard graphics, design of the antenna and vibration option instead of beep option.