Asset Management

Customer: Atempo S.p.A

Atempo S.p.A, a temporary work agency, was established in 2002 by a group of professionals with long and consolidated experience in the management of the employment issues and in staff recruiting.
Specifically, Atempo offers work solutions based on fixed-term contracts and open-ended contracts, training, staff recruiting, and outplacement services.

Our client was looking for a solution for the accurate and real-time monitoring of its staff working for client companies. Specifically, it needed a tool that could identify workers every time they went in and out of the client company, record each event and associate date and time, and transmit these data immediately to its server.

TERTIUM Technology developed a solution based on the use of BlueBerry HF (RFID key fob reader) together with a BlackBerry smartphone with a Vodafone data SIM. Each worker receives an RFID badge as ID.

Every time they clock in and out they show their badge to the manager of the company where they work and the ID code of the badge is read by the BlueBerry reader.

The reader then transmits the worker’s ID to the BlackBerry, which saves the data assigning date and time and immediately forwards the information by GPRS to the server of the temporary work agency.

This procedure certifies the entire worker’s in/out times indisputably and automatically fills in each worker’s attendance record.