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BlueBerry HID RFID Reader

BlueBerry iS UHF is an RFID reader / writer that configured with iAP (iPod Accessory Protocol) Bluetooth profile, provides a bi-directional communication with iPhone and iPad.

IceKey HF

IceKey HF is an RFID reader that is used to perform read/write operations on the major RFID HF standard tags.


Structural Monitoring for a smart city: Crack meter

Structural Monitoring

The solution is based on Wireless technology and provides for the use of a data acquisition digital system that makes it possible to monitor the overall crack situation.

Murata Circuit Board Tracking

TERTIUM Technology, partner of Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. , developed a custom version of BlueBerry UHF reader.


BlueBerry iS UHF iOS demo app on iPad

TERTIUM Technology presents BlueBerry UHF iS version, the RFID reader/writer developed for use with iOS® devices. The new iS model, available since January 2014, ensures a bidirectional Bluetooth® communication with Apple devices through the use of App Store applications or the implementation of dedicated applications based on the practical RFID communication protocol developed by TERTIUM Technology ... Watch the video on Youtube